Theme Week!

The 4th of July is sneaking right up on us so I thought maybe we should get ready by taking a look at our Founding Fathers.  That doesn’t mean I’m leaving my regular editorial schedule – just making it all about the Founding Fathers this week!

georgeSo the first among our Founding Fathers seems obvious – George Washington.  Here are some fun facts you may not have known about George:

  • George didn’t belong to a political party.  In fact, he disliked the idea of political parties.  He believed parties would lead to conflict and hinder the country’s growth.
  • George is the only one of our President’s to have been elected unanimously.
  • While we know him for his glorious head of white hair, when George was young, his hair was red.
  • George did not attend college.  Like many young men of the time, he was home schooled by his father and older half-brother.  He applied himself well to his educational pursuits and became an expert surveyor and map maker.
  • While many wanted to to refer to George as “Your Excellency” or “Your Highness,” he set president that lives through to today by asking to be referred to as Mr. President.

Want to learn more about George?  Here’s a list of some great biographies.

Famous words from George’s eulogy –

“First in War, First in Peace, First in the Hearts of his Countrymen.”

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