What’s on Your Reading List?

summer.reading_origThere are few things I like better in the summer than hanging at the pool with a good book.  Or hanging out on my deck with a good book.  Or going to the beach with a good book.  You get the picture right?

Right now I’m on a biography kick.  I finished “Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernow and started the Jon Meacham book “Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power.”  And for fun, I just read “Mariana” by Susanna Kersley – I did not see the ending coming on that one.

But I’m starting to look around for my next great summer book.  I found these lists to help me choose:

And hey – if you don’t know about bookbub.com you should check it out.  You tell them what kind of books you like and they send you a daily email offering low cost/no cost books you might enjoy.

Tell me what’s on your summer reading list in the comments!