Throwback Thursday

Enquiring minds want to know – so this Thursday I’m throwing back to old posts and answering questions.

  • You might be curious about how the garage sale went last weekend.  I’m happy to say it was a hit!  I cleared nearly $300 – $96 of which came from my sales of cookies/brownies/bottled water.  It was a beautiful day, the crowd was good and I think by any measure we could call it a success.
  • My private session on the Pilates reformer was also a success!  When we started out, the instructor told me she was going to take it easy on me since I had never used a reformer before – but within the first 5 minutes, she changed her mind and we went full out.  I’m proud to say that even with taking a kickboxing class later the same day as the reformer, I was NOT sore the next day!  That came the day following….  I definitely worked muscles I didn’t know I had and I’ll be looking into occasional sessions in the future.
  • The bruises from my fall a couple weeks ago are nearly healed.  So today is 14 days since the fall – making my healing speed about average for most of them.

Thanks for the interest in my posts – and keep the questions coming!