Road Trip!


I’m going on a road trip in a couple days – so you KNOW I’ve got a list going for that!  Of course there’s the packing, making sure the house is cleaned up (and cleaned out – there’s nothing worse than coming home to moldy food and the smell of garbage) but because it’s going to be hot, I’m taking special care with prepping my car.

Of course I’ll fill up with gas, but now is a good time to do a few other checks:

  • Tire pressure.  We’re transitioning from spring to summer and hot weather can be rough on your tires.  Take a minute and check the pressure.  Incorrect tire pressure can contribute to your chances of suffering a blowout if you hit one of those pot holes left from the winter.   And don’t forget to check your spare – it would be horrible if you took a flat off only to find out your spare isn’t road ready!
  • Check your car’s fluids.  Most of us know how to check our oil but your owner’s manual can help you figure out how to check the power steering fluid and brake fluid.  if you aren’t up to it, many garages and quick change oil shops will check your fluids for free.  And don’t forget to top up your windshield wiper fluid to help you wash the bugs off when you can’t see out any more!
  • Check all your lights and signals to make sure they’re all working.  And really people – let’s all use our turn signals?  When you’re navigating in an unfamiliar place it may be hard, but it’s the right thing to do!
  • Make sure you have an emergency kit in the car.   There are some excellent kits out there that aren’t really expensive.  I this one from Amazon because it includes jumper cables, a flashlight with batteries, a first aid kit and a lot more.  If $33 is too much for your budget, there are other options on Amazon starting as low as $16.  You may never need the emergency kit, but it could be worth it’s weight in gold if you’re stuck on the side of the road.

Last but not least – download the GasBuddy app if you haven’t already to help you find the best price for gas wherever you travel.   Now get packing – we have a road trip to take!