Benjamin Franklin

Often referred to as Dr. Franklin, he was not actually a medical doctor.  He was however, a renowned scientist, inventor, author and diplomat.  He was a REALLY interesting guy but since our theme today is generally health, let’s stick to that topic for Ben.

220px-Benjamin_Franklin_by_Joseph_Duplessis_1778Fun facts about Ben:

  • Tired of switching between two pairs of glasses, Franklin famously cut the lenses of both pairs in half and reassembled a single pair – creating the first bifocal glasses.
  • After noticing he felt cooler when wearing wet clothing on a hot sunny day, he proposed the principle of Cooling by Evaporation – the basis for refrigeration and air conditioning.
  • Ben didn’t patent his inventions – even the Franklin stove that produced more home heat with less waste – because he just wanted people to use them and make their lives better.
  • Ben is a member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame.  One of his first inventions was a pair of wooden paddles he used to help propel himself while swimming!  He was a proponent of the benefits of swimming his whole life and once wrote “every parent would be glad to have their children skilled in swimming.”
  • And last but certainly not least – Ben founded the first public hospital what would become the United States.  In 1751, he and Dr. Thomas Bond founded the Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia which is still in operation today.  The main building dates to 1756 and is registered as a National Historic Landmark.

These are just a few of the many amazing facts about Ben – you can learn more about him by reading his autobiography or check out one of these biographies by various authors.

Famous quote from Ben Franklin – “Well done is better than well said.”