Famous First?

When I was in school, I learned that Charles Lindbergh flew the first successful trans-Atlantic flight in 1927.  But as I played around on Google looking for a famous first topic today I found out that I had been taught a lie!

Statue of Alcock and Brown at London’s Heathrow Airport.

In reality, two British pilots name John Alcock and Arthur Brown made the first successful trans-Atlantic flight – and they did it in 1919 flying from Newfoundland to Ireland.  Sure Charles flew solo and had a longer trip since he flew from New York City to Paris but he really wasn’t first.  Alcock and Brown were celebrated in Great Britain but their feat didn’t get much notice outside the U.K.   At least they received a $10,000 prize and were knighted for their feat – but Lindbergh seems to have gotten more of the glory.

Funny how what we are taught and what real facts can be isn’t it?