Chapped Lips

I always like to be early – and this year, I haven’t waited until the snow was flying to have a raging case of chapped lips.  Tis the season to carry lip balm.  But my cracked lips got me thinking – why do they chap and what can I do to stop it?

According to the internet (so it has to be true right?), most cases of chapped lips are due to dry, cold weather and/or excessive licking of the lips.  Check and check – no wonder I’m a fan of the lip balm!  Unlike most of the rest of our skin, our lips don’t have oil glands making them more prone to drying and cracking.  Who knew?

lip balmThe experts also say that it only takes a few changes to your routine to prevent most cases of chapped lips:

  • Use lip balm – try something that feels a bit oily rather than waxy.  My favorite is this lemon balm from Bath and Body Works.
  • Drink more water.  Not only will your lips feel better, your whole body will feel better if you are properly hydrated.
  • Use a humidfier when you can – again, the more moisture the better when it’s cold and dry.
  • Last but not least – when it’s cold and windy outside, consider wrapping our face up with a scarf.  Just remember to leave a space so you can see!

So grab your lip balm and hold on – it’s supposed to snow here in Chicago later this week!



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