To Do Tuesday Review

tuesdayLet’s review my Try It Tuesday results for the last few weeks:

  • Last Tuesday’s Pumpkin Chili was a hit!  I made 6 quarts of chili and it was almost gone by 11:45AM.  Of course, if you put a crock-pot full of anything that smells as good as that chili did in an office and you KNOW it’s going to go fast.
  • I’ve armed myself with a tube of Lysol wipes – and the wave of sickness going around my office has subsided.  I’m going to take credit for it with my obsessive Lysol wiping.
  • Still looking for a good place to buy loose leaf tea?  A friend of mine swears by  I’ve placed an order for a few ounces of a couple of black tea varieties and a citrusy green tea blend.
  • I’m still not journalling – but I haven’t missed a day on this blog in months.   I still say if you’re worried about something write it out.  Puts things in perspective when you put it down in black and white.  (Or blue and white – your pen and paper colors are really up to you!)
  • Have you tried the Waze app yet?  It helped me get home tonight – big crash and traffic tie up on the highway.  Thanks to Waze, I got on to the frontage road and breezed right around it!

That about covers it for my Try It Tuesday review!  Let me know if you’ve tried one of my suggestions in the comments!

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I like to learn something new every day. Something about a short attention span maybe? But it keeps me engaged and growing - and who doesn't want that?

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