My first break…

time outIf you’re a regular reader, you probably noticed I didn’t post anything at all last week.  It was my first break since starting this blog spot last March.  It’s not that I don’t love writing – but I had a busy week at work and company last weekend so I just didn’t get it together enough to blog as well.  I took a little time out OK?

Why?  This is my busiest time of the year – not only do I work for a retail chain so the holidays are crazy to start, but I also challenge myself to see how many handmade gifts I can make every year.  So time is at a premium.

Want to know a secret about my blog?  I try to write all my posts for the week on Sunday – so if I get home late from work, I’m not scrambling to write the next day’s post.  So with company last week, that didn’t happen.  Please don’t be offended that I prioritized company over blog – I bet you would too!

So, this week I’m back on schedule – happy reading!