Thanksgiving Eating

Thanksgiving-dinner-planning.jpgThanksgiving eating.  Mmmmm……  I bet you’re already thinking about all the great food we’ll be eating tomorrow.  Turkey?  Ham?  Green bean casserole?  Stuffing?  Pie?  All of the above?  Well, your Thanksgiving dinner can be heathy too!

Dietitians estimate some people eat thousands of calories at a single meal on Thanksgiving – so you can either accept that or make an effort to have a healthier holiday.  It doesn’t mean you can’t have turkey and trimmings, you just need to be smart about it.

Real Simple Magazine suggests this:

Start by filling half your plate with vegetables, then pile one-quarter up with turkey breast, and leave the remaining one-quarter for starchy sides. Here, some more expert-approved guidelines for keeping portions in check this Thanksgiving Day.

And don’t forget – all the snack things and drinks have calories too.  So make sure you aren’t mindlessly eating.  And a big holiday tradition for my family is a walk after a big meal.  But touch football is always an option too!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!