Disney World

Two years ago and three years ago this week, I visited Disney World with a group of friends for RunDisney events.  The first year I didn’t run – but 2 years ago I ran the first 10K I had run in well over 20 years.  My time wasn’t great but it was respectable at 1:27 for 6.2 miles  – including selfie stops at EVERY mile marker!

RunDisney events are huge fun although you need to be prepared for expense and crowds.  But, you get to run through the Disney parks when they’re closed in the overnight hours and it’s incredible.  Want to know more about RunDisney?  Check out this link.

My Facebook memories are full of throwback pictures from Disney this week – but here’s a few of my favorites from the 2016 trip:

I HAD to stop running and take a picture of the sun coming up over the lagoon at Epcot Center!
And I had to stop again for an iconic Epcot selfie.
My medal!

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