Massage Therapy

massageLast Saturday, I had a deep tissue massage.  It was so good, I was just plain stupid when it was done – I was so relaxed that I could hardly figure out how to get myself dressed again!  If you haven’t tried a deep tissue massage, it isn’t for the faint of heart – it will hurt.  But it’s a good hurt.  I’ve had a sore shoulder for a couple of weeks – and I do believe it’s fixed now!

Studies have shown that massage therapy is effective for a lot of ailments – not just sprains, strains and other sore muscles.  Did you know it can help with anxiety?  Or headaches?  Or insomnia?  And these days, it isn’t hard to find a place to get an affordable massage treatment from the mall to your gym to salons and spas, massage therapists are pretty easy to find these days.

Don’t know what to ask for?  Check out this article on WebMD to familiarize yourself with the types of massage you’ll find out there.

I prefer to get my massages where they use pretty smelling oils and play new age music but a massage in a chair in the mall can be just as effective – it’s all up to you.  But if you’ve been achy and sore and out of sorts, a massage may be just the thing you need!