Essential Oils

essential oils.jpgEssential Oils seem to be promoted everywhere these days.  Have you gotten on the bandwagon?  I love my diffuser and carry a little vial of Aveda Blue Oil with me for headaches.  Research has proven there are positive effects to using essential oils – but remember, don’t over do them with the diffuser.  The rule of thumb I’ve been told is to run the diffuser for 30 minutes and then turn it off for thirty minutes and so on.  And if you’re using oils topically, remember to dilute them to avoid skin irritation.

Here’s a short guide to what oils are good for what:

  • Thyme: It can disinfect surfaces and support respiratory health too.
  • Peppermint: Can help relax the airways, boosting alertness and strength.
  • Lavender: It’s widely known as a sleep aid. But sniffng it can also reduce the severity of a migraine, research shows.
  • Bergamot: Just a whiff can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol within 15 minutes, reports Complementary Medicine Research.
  • Chamomile: When applied topically, this is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It also can improve sleep as we all might know from sipping Chamomile tea!
  • Lemongrass:  A spa staple, lemongrass oil is known to help reduce stress.

Want to know more about essential oils?  Check out this article from Shape Magazine.