Worry Journal

journalOver the weekend, I read an article promoting keeping a journal to write your worries down in.  According to the article, you can alleviate stress from worries by writing them down each evening – or whenever they get overwhelming.

When I was a teenager, I kept a journal.  It was a stressful time for me – think about it, I was a teenager for one thing, my mom passed away when I was 17 so I had more responsibilities than many of my friends, college was looming and hormones were raging.  My journal was REALLY helpful then – although I laugh when I read the entries now.  Things that were SO major seem so trivial now.  Which is the point I suppose.

I don’t keep a journal anymore although I suppose this blog is a form of a journal – but to me journaling is working out things you don’t want to share with other people.  So on that measure, this blog isn’t quite the same since I want you all to read it!

But if you’re under stress and worrying a lot, it may be worth trying journalling.  Want to read the article?  Check it out HERE.