Colds and General Ickiness

Everyone at my work seems to be coming down with something or has something or just got over something.  We’re passing around cold and stomach viruses like we’re in a daycare center!  So today, let’s try a DON’T get sick Tuesday!

Know what the filthiest surfaces in public spaces are?  Elevator buttons and stair railings.  And don’t forget door knobs, computer keyboards, conference room phones and practically everything around that coffee machine in the break area.

So what I’m saying is, if you’re not feeling well and can’t stay home and away from other humans, do the polite thing – cough into your arm.  Keep the tissues handy and try to sneeze into them.  If you can, wipe up around you with Lysol wipes regularly.  Wash your hands early and often – don’t forget the soap and lather/rinse for at least 30 seconds.  We all know these things but we don’t always all practice what we preach.  Good luck not catching that bug going around!

Need a little reminder on washing your hands?  Check this out!