Take a new route.

This is my fourth week at my new job and I’m starting to feel like I’m settling in well.  The one trouble spot is still my commute.  My new office is 30 miles away from home and there isn’t an easy way to get there.  Between the traffic and the lack of a direct path, it can take me well over an hour to get home in the evening – less in the morning since I leave home at 6:45AM.

So this week, my challenge to myself is to explore new routes.  And quite frankly, it’s not a bad challenge for anyone who drives regularly.  What say you join me in leaving the comfort zone of the well trodden path and try out the roads less traveled?  I may not cut a lot of time off my commute, but maybe there will be compensation like a pretty view, a shop or a restaurant that might become a favorite along the way or just the new experience.

wazeI’m going to check out alternative routes suggested by the Waze App – if you haven’t tried Waze, it compiles traffic information based on the cellular signals of your fellow drivers as well as their reports of road conditions.  I can tell you that although the reports of congestion can sometimes be slightly out of whack with my own opinions, the time it reports for you to get to your destination is generally spot on.

So download the app (if you haven’t already) and join me on the road LITERALLY less traveled!