Halloween Preparations…

Only 27 more days to come up with your Halloween costume!  Back in the day, I don’t remember costumes being as elaborate as they seem to be today.  As a child, I remember having an elephant costume that I wore for like 3 years.  Then I graduated to an Indian brave costume that my brother had outgrown and wore it for at least 2 or 3 years.  The important thing after all was the candy!

It’s always a toss up for me about what candy I like most for Halloween – Snickers bars or M&Ms.   You can bet on some sort of chocolate if you trick or treat at my house!  I haven’t bought my Halloween candy for this year yet – saves me eating half of it.

Last year, I went all out – my trick or treaters got a spooky “hand” full of different kinds of candies.  I was a hit in my neighborhood – and now I’m worrying about how to top myself.  I’m hitting up Pintrest for ideas so hopefully the neighborhood kids will score big here again.

Need a “creative” costume idea?  Check out these links:

And my Throwback Thursday picture?  Here’s my trick or treat picture from last year!