Writer’s Block

Writers_Block_by_Silvercharmed1While not my first time fighting it, this is the first time since starting this blog that I have nothing.  I don’t have a single idea for a “first” topic today.

Normally, my weekend or Google provide me with my “first” topic for the week – but today Google didn’t serve up anything that caught my interest and this weekend was really quiet.  Why?

I went for a long walk Thursday night and ended up with blisters on the balls of both feet.  So I took my shoes off for the last half of the walk to try to minimize them – and the blister on my right foot popped.  I washed it and put a bandaid on it right away when I got home – but by Friday afternoon, I could barely walk on it!  So my weekend consisted of regular soaks in hot water with Epsom salt.

Part of me says don’t complain – it was a beautiful weekend to sit out on the deck dangling my feet in a bucket of water and reading a book.  And blisters are rarely fatal – just annoying.  So here’s to a weekend lost in a book and a great week ahead.  I’ll get myself back on track and we’ll be back to a great “first” next week!