Rainbow Bridge

Earlier this week my Facebook feed had a lot of posts about Rainbow Bridge day to commemorate pets that are no longer with us.  Apparently Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day is August 28th.  I didn’t even know what the Rainbow Bridge was until I had my beloved Alley put to sleep 5 years ago on August 13th.  When I got his ashes back, there was a card with poem about a Rainbow Bridge included.

The author of the poem is unknown according to Wikipedia, but the story is that a dying pet goes over a rainbow bridge to a sunny meadow where they are free of injury or ill health and there they are at peace and happy.  The pet enjoys this meadow but misses their owner on earth – so when the owner passes away, they also cross the rainbow bridge and are greeted by their pet.  Then side by side the owner and pet re-cross the bridge into Heaven where they are never separated again.

It’s a lovely story isn’t it? And as pets have gone from companions to being our “fur children” I suppose it’s natural that we find this story so very comforting when we lose a pet.  It’s also evolved into a website where people can post memorials to their pets and receive grief counseling.  Check out the Rainbow Bridge website here.

Want to read the full poem?  Here it is from Guideposts Magazine.

And my throwback for today?  A picture of my Alley – he was my first kitten that I picked out on my own.  Or rather he picked me.  I had him for nearly 16 years before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He was a good boy.




Does our astrological sign impact our health?  I don’t really think so but the internet is full of fun info and today let’s see what it says about astrology and health topics shall we?

WheelI found a bunch of articles – although to be honest, I’m pretty sure improvements in health boil down to eat less/move more no matter what your astrological sign is.  But for the fun of it, here are some links to articles and you can judge for yourself:

Full disclosure – I’m an Aries so according to these sources, I need to raise my body temperature, doing metric based cycling (whatever THAT means!), follow the Atkins diet and watch out for ailments with my head including headache, toothache and facial blemishes.  Nope.  I think I’ll stick with moderation in my diet, running/walking and kickboxing.  But it sure was fun looking up all this stuff today!


It’s been really hot and humid here the last few days –  and my towels are crunchy and smell a little musty.  I’m sure that’s never happened to any of you has it?  LOL!  But do you know how to get rid of that smell?  For To-Do (Try-It) Tuesday, I’ll give you my secret.

White vinegar.  That’s right.  Just throw your towels in the washer, add 1 cup of white vinegar and NO detergent or fabric softener.  Just the vinegar.  Then start the wash cycle using water as hot as your towels will stand.  When the cycle is done, put the towels in the dryer with either a dryer sheet or dryer balls.  They should come out as fresh as when you bought them!  No?  Run them through the wash cycle again – but this time instead of using white vinegar, put in a cup of baking soda (still no detergent or softener).  That should do the trick!

wool dryer ballsAnd if you haven’t tried dryer balls – I highly recommend them.  Here’s the set I have: Wool Dryer Balls.  $10 for six felted wool balls that not only soften your clothes/sheets/towels naturally, but also cut the amount of time you have to run your dryer.  On average since I started using these earlier this summer, I’ve been able to cut 5-10 minutes off the dry time for almost every load of laundry.  Over the long run, that’s going to add up to savings on my electric bill as well as my time!

I just heard the washer beep – my towels are ready to hit the dryer – gotta go!


First Elf Sighting

It’s almost Labor Day so at my house that means it’s almost Christmas.  I knit or crochet a lot of Christmas gifts for my family so if I’m not started by Labor Day, it gets really stressful for me by November!

This year, the teenage types on my Christmas list are going to get slipper socks like these:


I made a test sock this weekend and I was happy with it so I’m in production now.  Shh!!!  Don’t tell the kids what they’re getting!

When do you start thinking about the holidays?  Tell me in the comments!

Hospital Corners

I’m a little late posting today – but I stripped my bed and am in the process of washing everything down to the mattress pad.  I do this 4 or 5 times a year and I’m religious about washing my sheets every Thursday.  That’s a habit ingrained in me from childhood.  I read an article from a mattress manufacturer that said most people only wash their sheets once a month.  To that I say EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not going to get into another raging bed controversy – you know the one about how to fold a fitted sheet?  Suffice it to say, that’s another thing my mom taught me young so I don’t have an issue there.  But I would like to address the issue of hospital corners.

The last time I went home, I stayed with a cousin and helped him make up the bed in his guest room for my stay.  I started doing hospital corners and he seemed to be amazed.  I thought everyone did them!  Is it a throwback that I didn’t know about????

Since I’m apparently quite old fashioned, my throwback today is this how-to for doing hospital corners when you make your bed.  Enjoy!