It’s been really hot and humid here the last few days –  and my towels are crunchy and smell a little musty.  I’m sure that’s never happened to any of you has it?  LOL!  But do you know how to get rid of that smell?  For To-Do (Try-It) Tuesday, I’ll give you my secret.

White vinegar.  That’s right.  Just throw your towels in the washer, add 1 cup of white vinegar and NO detergent or fabric softener.  Just the vinegar.  Then start the wash cycle using water as hot as your towels will stand.  When the cycle is done, put the towels in the dryer with either a dryer sheet or dryer balls.  They should come out as fresh as when you bought them!  No?  Run them through the wash cycle again – but this time instead of using white vinegar, put in a cup of baking soda (still no detergent or softener).  That should do the trick!

wool dryer ballsAnd if you haven’t tried dryer balls – I highly recommend them.  Here’s the set I have: Wool Dryer Balls.  $10 for six felted wool balls that not only soften your clothes/sheets/towels naturally, but also cut the amount of time you have to run your dryer.  On average since I started using these earlier this summer, I’ve been able to cut 5-10 minutes off the dry time for almost every load of laundry.  Over the long run, that’s going to add up to savings on my electric bill as well as my time!

I just heard the washer beep – my towels are ready to hit the dryer – gotta go!