Does our astrological sign impact our health?  I don’t really think so but the internet is full of fun info and today let’s see what it says about astrology and health topics shall we?

WheelI found a bunch of articles – although to be honest, I’m pretty sure improvements in health boil down to eat less/move more no matter what your astrological sign is.  But for the fun of it, here are some links to articles and you can judge for yourself:

Full disclosure – I’m an Aries so according to these sources, I need to raise my body temperature, doing metric based cycling (whatever THAT means!), follow the Atkins diet and watch out for ailments with my head including headache, toothache and facial blemishes.  Nope.  I think I’ll stick with moderation in my diet, running/walking and kickboxing.  But it sure was fun looking up all this stuff today!