107 years ago today, the first telegram sent commercially around the world was sent.  Seems quaint in the age of the internet to think of telegrams doesn’t it?

telegramA New York Times operator wanted to see if it was possible and to see how long it would take for a telegram to go around the world – you have to applaud that kind of curiosity!  So at 7PM New York time, the operator sent “This message sent around the world” from his dispatch center.  Traveling more than 28,000 miles and relayed by 16 different operators, through San Francisco, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Saigon, Singapore, Bombay, Malta, Lisbon and the Azores–among other locations–the reply was received by the same operator 16.5 minutes later.  Not bad!  Not as fast as email, but telegrams helped lay the foundation for communication as we know it today.

Want to know more about telegrams?  Check out these resources:

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