Flu shot?

Flu-shot-circled-on-calendar-300x200I just read that there is already a flu breakout in Texas – and flu season is still months away!  Generally, the flu season runs from October to May so many doctors and clinics begin offering flu shots in September.  I had the flu a few years ago – and it is not an experience I want to repeat so I’ve been pretty good about getting the flu shot since then.

Yes, it’s true that the flu shot will not absolutely guarantee that you won’t get the flu but most years it will substantially reduce your risk of getting the flu.  And no, getting the flu shot will not give you the flu.  Check out this link to a Q&A from the CDC for flu shot facts: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/qa/flushot.htm

Last year was a particularly nasty flu season with nearly 400 deaths attributed to it.  And last year’s flu didn’t hit the elderly as hard as it hit people aged 18-49 – an age group that has the lowest rate of receiving the flu shot.

This year the nasal flu vaccine will be back as well after a 2 year absence so if needles aren’t your thing, you can still get protection from the flu.  Ask your health care provider about the best way for you to receive protection from the flu – it’s coming!

For more info about flu, check out these resources:

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One thought on “Flu shot?”

  1. Interesting.
    I have always chosen to NOT have a flu shot … but I may change my tune this year. I had a nasty cold last January which lasted for weeks. Ugh!
    (And that’s even though I did get the pneumonia shot.)
    Perhaps I’ll brave it and get a flu shot “soon”!!


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