I’ve hit a plateau.   Or if I’m honest, maybe I fell off the wagon with my eating and workout habits.  In my mid-50’s, it isn’t easy to maintain my weight anymore.

Weighing InIt used to be easy for me – no matter what I ate or did my weight stayed pretty stable.  In fact, I had a hard time keeping weight on in my late 20s and early 30s!  But boy has the old metabolism changed with the onset of menopause.  Between the hormones and my last sedentary job, my weight was up nearly 50 pounds from where it was in my 30s.  So about 3 years ago, I made a conscious effort to change.  I became a gym regular and started watching my diet closer.  And I was rewarded with a 20 pound weight loss.  I was at a healthy weight and I felt good – but lately the weight has been creeping back up again.

Part of it is that life has been a little stressful over the last year between career issues and my Dad passing away and I haven’t been as careful about my diet or exercise as I had been.  But I’m back on track now and hoping my pants fit better over the next few weeks.

My point is, it’s easy to fall off the wagon – the trick is getting back on.    Want some advice on managing weight when you’re older?  Check out these resources: