headachepromomainnewbg-w500Headaches are probably the most common ailment there is.  We’ve all had them – stress, poor eating habits, poor lighting/glare and allergies are just a few of the triggers.

According to an article I found, there are 17 types of headaches (relax – I’m not going to list them all!) with the most common type being a tension headache.  But as common as tension or stress headaches are, there is little known about what physically causes them.

Doctors and researchers agree the likely cause of tension headaches is probably related to the contraction and inflammation of muscles surrounding the skull.  The contractions and inflammation lead to spasms which translate into pain like a band around your head, a sore neck or pounding in your temples.

Your first reaction to a tension headache may be to reach for an aspirin or other over the counter pain reliever but there are other effective methods to quiet that pain.  Have you tried massage? A hot shower?  A cold pack?  Some people swear by essential oils for relief.  What works for you?  Let me know in the comments!

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