Cell Phones

Remember your first cell phone?  I think I got my first one in 1996 but I know it was one of those deals that looked like a walkie-talkie AND you could “personalize” it with a colored face plate.  Mine was red.  You couldn’t text with it – it didn’t do anything but let you send and receive calls.  But I loved it.

The cell phone world has changed a LOT since then.  I found this infographic about the relationship women have with their cell phone/tablets this morning and I thought I would share it.


I’m certainly guilty of an ongoing love affair with my phone and iPad but I don’t check my phone right away or within the first 5 minutes I’m awake in the morning.  And I’m definitely not in the 16% of women who say the phone is never off limits to them.  I do however, use my mobile devices as my cameras,  my navigator, my calendar, my cookbook and a whole lot more.

What is your favorite use for your phone – and do you really check it within 5 minutes of waking up?