It’s Throwback Thursday and I thought this might be a good day to talk about my latest reawakened obsession – jigsaw puzzles.

As a kid, my Mom and I did jigsaw puzzles on a card table in a corner of the living room all winter long.  I loved putting the puzzles together – the more pieces, the better.  We had a whole shelf in our toy closet that was nothing but jigsaw puzzles because we loved doing them so much!  But there were drawbacks – the card table that got in everyone’s way and lost pieces to name the worst things.  And the obsession passed after Mom passed away and I got older.

But recently I discovered a website called Jigsaw Planet – and I’m crazy about it!  It’s all the fun of solving the puzzles I remember – but no lost pieces and no need to store all those puzzle boxes either!   You can even create your own using photos on your computer or tablet.

Give it a try!  Here’s the link to the site:  www.jigsawplanet.com