Necco Wafers

necco-wafers-imageAh Necco Wafers.  You either love them or hate them and I’m betting until a couple weeks ago, you didn’t think much about them.  Then suddenly it was all over the news that Necco Wafers may disappear as the company that makes them was threatening to go out of business.  What will we do without our Necco Sweethearts at Valentine’s Day?  Necco Wafers have been produced since the mid 1800’s by the New England Confectionary Company which also makes Clark bars, Mary Janes and Candy Buttons – which I’m sure we all at least tried in our childhoods.  It looks like the end of an era…

Or is it?  The former CEO of the New England Confectionary Company, Al Gulachenski has announced that he would like to buy the company.  But the hitch is that he will only put up $5 to $10 million of the $30 million price tag.  He’s hoping to fund the rest of the purchase price buy setting up a GoFundMe page.  Check it out at

As of this writing, they’ve raised $3,880 of their $20 million dollar goal so there’s a LONG way to go to rescue the company from closing its doors and laying off hundreds of employees.  If you’d like to help save a memory, click on the link above and make a donation!