Think about it.   When you’re little, major firsts come all the time.  First smile, first word, first step, first bike, first day of school, first date…  But once you get past a certain age, you need to work a little harder to find things to experience for the first time!  So with Monday being the first day of the work week, I’ll be using Mondays to talk about firsts.

Doing something for the first time can be a real adventure like hiking the Grand Canyon.  Or maybe it’s just trying a new recipe for the first time.  You never know.



My favorite recent first was knitting my first sock.  It was ENORMOUS but I knew it was going to be weird because I didn’t have the right size needles or yarn – but I still made my first sock without any help (except YouTube!).  Great feeling isn’t it?



What was your favorite first?  Let me know in the comments!


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I like to learn something new every day. Something about a short attention span maybe? But it keeps me engaged and growing - and who doesn't want that?

2 thoughts on “Firsts”

  1. My favorite first is my first (current) marriage. It sums up so many others firsts, like home ownership, and lots of traveling! My first slice of New York pizza comes in at a close second!!

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