The New Vibration Plate

My gym recently put in a Vibration Plate.  It’s a platform that vibrates side to side, back to front and up/down while you work out on it.  I played on it for a couple of minutes the other day and it made me laugh – all I could think about was those crazy vibrating exercise machines with the belt on them from old TV shows!  But it also made me curious about just exactly how I should use it and what its benefits are.

AcPowerPlateTherapycording to, a vibrating plate makes you constantly tense/relax your muscles to maintain your balance so you get greater muscle activation with every movement you make.   So you can get results with a shorter workout.  Sign me up right?

The gym trainers and all the articles I’ve read recommend doing traditional strength, flexibility and core exercises on the plate like squats, lunges, push ups, hamstring stretches and planks.  The trick is to start with low vibration and repetitions and work your way up since the plate increases the intensity of every move you do.  Most articles recommend starting with 10 minutes and working your way up to 30 minute sessions.

I’m sold!  Can’t wait to try the machine out now that I know more about it!

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