To-Do Tuesday

To-Do-List.jpgI’m a list maker.  A firm believer in keeping a to do list so I can organize my activities and not let anything slip through the cracks.  Tuesdays will be all about my to-do’s.

Some of my lists get written down – like the grocery list, chores, work projects but I carry a lot of them in my head.  I especially like the mental list I keep of places I’d like to go.

I have a big list of places I’d like to return to: London, Paris, Disney World, New Orleans (and always NYC) to name my favorite places.  But I have a list of places I still want to see too.

Top places I want to visit:

  • The Grand Canyon.  I REALLY want to go to the Grand Canyon and take the tour where you ride a mule.  Check it out here:  National Parks – Grand Canyon Mule Rides
  • Montreal.  I’ve been told that if you love Paris, you’ll love Montreal – and it doesn’t take a long plane ride to get there!  Take a virtual tour of Montreal HERE.
  • California Wine Country.  I would love to drive the coast and wander around in wine country.  Not only is it beautiful out there but how much fun would it be to explore B&Bs and taste wine?  I like this site when I’m dreaming about wine country.

What is the top destination you want to visit?  Let us know in the comments!