Spring Chores…

Last week I told you I’m a firm believer in to-do lists.  And sitting here staring at the calendar ready to turn to April, I’ve started my Spring Cleaning To-Do list.  This may be one of my favorite lists of the year because I actually like to clean.


So bring on the summer furniture arrangement, washing windows and cleaning carpets!  This year, I’m adding another chore – I’m doing a Rejuvenate treatment to my wood floors.

The floor by the windows in my dining room has gotten sun-faded and I found a product on Amazon to fix that!  I’ve already tested it on a little piece of the floor and it worked.  So now it’s time to move out the table and chairs, roll up the rug and get busy with the whole floor.  I can’t wait to see it in its restored glory!

Want to try Rejuvenate yourself?  Check it out on Amazon.

Let me know what your favorite Spring Cleaning chore is in the comments!