Underrated Exercises

I recently read an article that box jumps are the most underrated exercise at the gym.  I don’t necessarily disagree – they give you both strength and cardio benefits.  Here’s the link to the article – Shape Magazine.

But while I agree, my personal favorite exercises these days are squats and planks.  If you carry your weight in your rear end and stomach, these moves will help you tone up – and they just make me feel good.  I used to have knee pain from an injury in high school I didn’t take care of – and squats strengthened my muscles to the point that the knee pain is only noticeable now in cold, damp weather.

plankPlanks are harder to feel good about – they are SO much harder than they look!  But you can’t deny the good they do for your abdominal muscles.  And they’ll help you improve your posture as well – a great added benefit as we age.

Want to do some squats and planks?  Do them right – follow the forms in these links:

Do you have a go-to exercise you like?  Tell me about it in the comments!

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