First Snow

Driving-in-Snow.jpgLate last week, we had our first snow of the season here in Chicago – and you know it won’t be the last.  So before we have deep, deep  snow, let’s review some driving tips for snowy days:

  • SLOW DOWN!  You can’t see black ice on the roads that can be really dangerous.  So give yourself a few more minutes to get to your destination and make sure you’re always driving at a speed that allows you to keep control over your car.  Accelerating and braking slowly are key to keeping control of your car on ice or snow.
  • Know your brakes and your tires.  You need to know how your car performs on ice and in snow – if you don’t, find yourself an empty parking lot and put your car through the paces so you know how it handles on ice or in snow.
  • Leave your lights on.  Your headlights will help you see – and help others see you in heavy snow.  Just don’t use the brights OK?
  • Get your car a pre-winter check.  Now is the time to know if your battery is in good shape and whether your coolant levels are ready for cold weather.  A dead battery can leave you stranded and nobody wants that!  And don’t forget your windshield wipers – now’s a good time to replace them before your windshield is frozen over!
  • Put the snow brush in the car.  And don’t forget an extra pair of gloves and maybe a blanket.  Maybe you could ask Santa for one of these car kits too?
  • Make sure to fill your windshield wiper solution – and gas tank – often.  When the roads are sloppy, you don’t want to be without wiper solution.  And don’t get me started on the level of your gas tank – if it’s cold and you get stuck in traffic or just stuck somewhere, you’ll want your gas tank full!
  • And last but certainly not least, when your car is covered in snow, brush it all off before you put the car in gear and start driving.  You want to be able to see at all times – and if you don’t clean off the hood, the back window and the top of the vehicle, you’re going to have your vision obstructed by blowing snow.  And it’s kind to the vehicle behind you when there isn’t snow blowing off your car too!

Need more tips?  Try these from AAA – Winter Driving Tips.

And if all else fails – just stay home and build a snowman!

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