Take a break Tuesday.

downloadTake a breath people – it’s almost October so the end of the year is coming at us fast now.  So today I challenge you all to take a little “me” break and do something nice for yourself.  Can’t think of anything?  Try one of these:

  • Stop by the drugstore and get yourself one of those facial masks.  Most of them are less than $5 and a little pampering never hurt anyone.
  • Make a cup of tea and sip it while staring out the window.  Bonus points if the window is open and it’s sunny where you are.
  • Treat yourself to a candy bar or ice cream cone.  Chocolate is always a lovely indulgence.
  • Get a pedicure.  Enough said.  (On a budget?  Giving yourself a pedicure counts too!)
  • Turn up the radio and dance to a good song.  It doesn’t matter if someone sees you – DANCE!

That should get you started – let me know how you indulged yourself today in the comments!