End of Summer…

I’m feeling nostalgic this morning…  Summer is over and my Facebook feed is full of back to school pictures.  Today is one of my nephews’ first day of pre-school this year and he looks so excited in the pictures.  What’s not to be excited about?  I’m sure he’s got new school clothes, new school supplies and he’s going to be back to playing with his friends all day.  Life is good for him.

I’m not generally a fan of fall, but this year might be different.  I start a new job next Monday and it’s feeling a bit like going back to school.  Maybe it’s the time of year?  I’ve already bought a new “first day” outfit and new pens.  And this morning I wrote a blurb about myself for my new boss to send out to the team to introduce me.  It’s been a long time since a started a new job and I’m really excited to get going.

That doesn’t mean I’m looking forward to the leaves falling, needing a coat to leave the house and commuting both ways to the new job in the dark.  But the changing of the seasons feels very real today.

What about you?  Have you felt the changing of the seasons yet?  Tell me about it in the comments!

It’s not a throwback – but my nephew is the one on the right at the door of his pre-school today.  Hope he has a great year!

first day of school