First Christmas Tree

I bought my first Christmas tree over 20 years ago – it’s a 4′ pencil tree that is currently decorated and waitng for it’s timer to go off so it will light up my living room.    I love my tree – this year it has 300 white lights (I’m a sucker for white lights), gold and white ribbon and gold bells.  And of course my Santa and Mrs. Santa bells.

In college, my roommates and I made our Christmas tree one year – it was a huge paper cone we taped to the wall and decorated.  I still laugh thinking about that “tree”!

rockefeller tree.jpgThe first tree at Rockefeller Center in New York was put up by construction workers in 1931 – and decorated with tin cans, paper garland and cranberries.  Since then, the tree has gotten bigger but the tradition remains.

Do you ever wonder why we have the tradition of Christmas trees?  Well wonder no more – click on these links and learn about the history of the Christmas tree!